Surface Capacitive TP Solution


DanoTech is the most professional manufacturer of surface capacitive touch sensor in Taiwan.

  • Surface capacitive touch panel 。
  • Projective capacitive touch panel accuracy。
  • Support 5.6”~32”.
  • Optical transmission 93%。
    • Low reflection, minimized color distortion, new materials & processes  that make it more durable and reliable.。

STD part List of DanoTech suface capacitive Touch Panel

VA Diagonal Size P/N
OA(mm) VA(mm) Thickness
10.4 F1-10811APA-G0 233.68X180.34 217.94X167.9 1.8mm
10.4 F1-10811APA-G0 230.94X179.30 217.94X167.9 2.8mm
12.1 F1-12412AFA-N0 265.50X203.20 250.01X191.01
15 F1-15712AFA-N0 330.20X254.00 316.48X241.81 2.8mm
F1-15732APA-N0 2.8mm
F1-15722APA-N0 2.8mm
F1-15712APA-N0 2.8mm
17 F1-17512AFA-N0 357.51X295.20 345.31X281.48 2.8mm
F1-17522APA-N0 2.8mm
F1-17532APA-N0 2.8mm
19 F1-19412APA-N0 396.01X324.00 383.31X308.13 2.8mm
7.31Wide W1-07311APA-G0 169.8X108.69 156.8X97.29 1.8mm
12.1Wide W1-12432APA-N0 278.8X180.6 265.8X169.2 2.8mm
15.6Wide W1-17112APA-N0 382.2X246.8 369.2X231.5 2.8mm
18.5 Wide W1-19432APA-N0
426.97X277.00 415.57X264.00 2.8mm
20.1 Wide W1-20312APA-G0 461.72X265.99 448.01X253.80 2.8mm
W1-20322APA-GS 2.8mm
22 Wide W1-22412APA-GS 492.00X319.00 479.00X307.60 2.8mm
W1-22412APA-G0 2.8mm
15 Laminated F1-15726APA-NL 330.20X254.00 316.48X241.81 6.4mm
17 Laminated
F1-17526APA-NL 357.51X295.20 345.31X281.48 6.4mm